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Advantages of Cellulose Insulation

Insulate Protect & Save


With Comfizone we were able to reduce the density of the product by 20%. This allows more air to be trapped between the fibres giving you, the customer, a lighter, less expensive product with superior insulation values.

Our product offers a lifetime guarantee.


Our product is treated with fire retardant additives and withstands the heat of a blow lamp without melting or emitting noxious fumes. Where our building insulation has been present in fires it has actually afforded protection against the spread and reduced damage. Fire tested in terms of SANS 428 and classified B/B1/2.

Rodent & Sound Proof

The additives in our product, while harmless to humans, irritate insects and rodents, hence they will not live in the fibers. As a result, fitting our product is actually an effective form of pest control in your roof.

Cellulose fiber is a very effective soundproofing material. Four times as dense as glass fiber

About Comfizone

Starting from very humble beginnings in 1992, ComfiZone has grown from just an installer of Cellulose insulation to a manufacturer with Agents in several parts of Southern Africa. We developed a product that is both very effective and safe to have in your home.

We at 
ComfiZone are very committed to further develop our product to suit every need. With strict quality control, we ensure that our product meets your needs and complies with very high Standards.

ComfiZone also designs and fabricates the installation and manufacturing equipment locally, thus supporting local business and job creation. Our equipment is robust enough to operate in the African environment.

Our products and equipment are currently being used in Zimbabwe and Mozambique, and we are in the process of expanding into other parts of Africa. Agencies are being opened and successfully operated in various parts of South Africa. There are however opportunities for entrepreneurs who are willing to work hard in various part of our lovely country. Please contact us for more information.

Our vision is to become a major role player in the insulation industry for Southern Africa.

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GREEN solution

ComfiZone is your GREEN solution to building insulation



With strict quality control, we ensure that our product meets your needs and complies with very high Standards.



Comfizone’s great service is very competitively priced. Contact us for a quote.

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